Wrapping Like a Viking

I haven’t been posting like I should instead I think everyday since my last post I have been obsessively making jewelry with mixed results and much wasted wire.  I am improving though and have begun to use my own designs.  Although I don’t actually plan out designs, I just take my beads or my stones and see what happens.

Here are a couple of earrings that I made over the last week.


These are made from a blue goldstone focal bead with little glass seed bead clusters hanging from a wire circle.

I recently went to the Potomac Bead Company store in Mechanicsburg, PA, and it is great.  I picked up two little amethyst briolettes there and these earrings are the outcome.  They have a wrapped bead chain of faceted and drop glass beads.

More exciting than the earrings, I have learned how to viking knit which is probably the most useful thing I have learned so far.  Viking knit chains are flexible and strong and look more professional than any other chain I could make myself.  Also, vikings.

With a helmet like that, he has to have good taste in jewelry.

Well, viking knit involves some tools that I didn’t and don’t have such as a wooden dowel and a draw plate.

So instead I cut the end off a plastic knitting needle and used the eyelet on my shoes as a drawplate.  Works pretty well.  I like it.

Check out the directions here.  It’s where I learned http://www.fineartbyrocio.com/vikingknitdirections not very in-depth instruction, but great pictures.  I find it much easier to learn from pictures than from text.

Here’s what I’ve done so far.

The stone is a white lace agate with a viking knit bezel in gunmetal colored copper wire.  This was my first viking knit piece.

This was my second viking knit piece.  I got the stone at the gem and mineral show its a mexican fire opal.  I had to hide a scratch behind the lowest spiral and am happy with how well it turned out.

If anyone is interested in any of these pieces let me know and I will either make another one as similar as possible or post the same one on etsy.  The amethyst earrings are the only that are currently spoken for but I can definitely make another pair.

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