The Who Odds & Sods

I’m cutting down the clutter in my personal record collection.  This is one of the albums from my personal collection and was actually hard to decide to get rid off mostly because of the cover.  I love this cover!

*This is not a photo of the record in my shop.  Mine has less cover wear, but this one shows the colors and details better.

This isn’t just a studio album either it is a collection of B-sides, rarities, and live performances which are usually better than what you are used to hearing.

Take for example:

This is very early Who from when they were a mod band.  Love this! Kind of regretting getting selling this album but that’s okay.

Finally decided on another song to put up here. I remember now why I am selling this album.  I don’t like the sound of the later Who and most of this album is exactly that.  Its just not what I enjoy listening to.  Most of the songs on this album don’t have the mod brit pop thing I love them for or the bluesier side of the Who I also like.

All in all its an iconic cover that would look great framed on a wall or a great addition to a growing vinyl collection.

Its bad for you but Buy It.

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