Wrapping Like a Viking

I haven’t been posting like I should instead I think everyday since my last post I have been obsessively making jewelry with mixed results and much wasted wire.  I am improving though and have begun to use my own designs.  Although I don’t actually plan out designs, I just take my beads or my stones and see what happens.

Here are a couple of earrings that I made over the last week.


These are made from a blue goldstone focal bead with little glass seed bead clusters hanging from a wire circle.

I recently went to the Potomac Bead Company store in Mechanicsburg, PA, and it is great.  I picked up two little amethyst briolettes there and these earrings are the outcome.  They have a wrapped bead chain of faceted and drop glass beads.

More exciting than the earrings, I have learned how to viking knit which is probably the most useful thing I have learned so far.  Viking knit chains are flexible and strong and look more professional than any other chain I could make myself.  Also, vikings.

With a helmet like that, he has to have good taste in jewelry.

Well, viking knit involves some tools that I didn’t and don’t have such as a wooden dowel and a draw plate.

So instead I cut the end off a plastic knitting needle and used the eyelet on my shoes as a drawplate.  Works pretty well.  I like it.

Check out the directions here.  It’s where I learned http://www.fineartbyrocio.com/vikingknitdirections not very in-depth instruction, but great pictures.  I find it much easier to learn from pictures than from text.

Here’s what I’ve done so far.

The stone is a white lace agate with a viking knit bezel in gunmetal colored copper wire.  This was my first viking knit piece.

This was my second viking knit piece.  I got the stone at the gem and mineral show its a mexican fire opal.  I had to hide a scratch behind the lowest spiral and am happy with how well it turned out.

If anyone is interested in any of these pieces let me know and I will either make another one as similar as possible or post the same one on etsy.  The amethyst earrings are the only that are currently spoken for but I can definitely make another pair.

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The Who Odds & Sods

I’m cutting down the clutter in my personal record collection.  This is one of the albums from my personal collection and was actually hard to decide to get rid off mostly because of the cover.  I love this cover!

*This is not a photo of the record in my shop.  Mine has less cover wear, but this one shows the colors and details better.

This isn’t just a studio album either it is a collection of B-sides, rarities, and live performances which are usually better than what you are used to hearing.

Take for example:

This is very early Who from when they were a mod band.  Love this! Kind of regretting getting selling this album but that’s okay.

Finally decided on another song to put up here. I remember now why I am selling this album.  I don’t like the sound of the later Who and most of this album is exactly that.  Its just not what I enjoy listening to.  Most of the songs on this album don’t have the mod brit pop thing I love them for or the bluesier side of the Who I also like.

All in all its an iconic cover that would look great framed on a wall or a great addition to a growing vinyl collection.

Its bad for you but Buy It.

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Masonic Salt and Pepper Shakers

Lefton China Order of the Eastern Star Salt and Pepper Shaker

I just added this set of salt and pepper shakers to my shop.  Lefton China made the Order of the Eastern Star pattern from 1948 to 1953.

The Order of the Eastern Star broke off from the Freemasons in 185o when Rob Morris, an official with the Freemasons, established his own fraternal organization.  The main goal of the organization is charitable work and help all kinds of charitable organizations. The official website of their website found here http://www.easternstar.org/about_oes.html describes them as “…a social order comprised of persons with spiritual   values, but it is not a religion.  Its appeal rests in the true beauty of the refreshing and character-building lessons that are so sincerely portrayed in its ritualistic work.  A deep fraternal bond exists between its members.  It is the   wholesome relationship of sisterly and brotherly love brought about through high   principles exemplified in our lives which makes us near and dear to each other.”

The oldest known Masonic text dates to 1390.  So, freemasons have been around for quite a while.  In America, Ben Franklin began the first Masonic Lodge and many of the founding fathers were freemasons.

Masonic organizations are also famous for their secrecy.  These secrets have gathered a lot of speculation over the years and now there are many conspiracy theories surrounding the Masons, think National Treasure.

Some of the more popular conspiracy theories are:

The Freemasons planned the JFK assassination.

The Freemasons are controlled by the Illuminati.

The Freemasons have infiltrated and therefore control the American government and judicial system for their Masonic agendas.

And my personal favorite:

Freemasons are actually reptilian humanoids known as lizard people who control the shadow government.

Here we see the true face of America’s founding fathers.

Its Bad for You but Buy It

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Mccoy Lasagne and Antipasto Casseroles

I just added this lasagna casserole to my shop the other day.  Its a set along with a smaller antipasto dish.  They were made by the McCoy Pottery company in the late 70s.  Needless to say, I really want to eat some lasagna now.  I’m thinking about stopping at the grocery store on my way home from work.  I found this recipe that I want to try.

Chicken, Mushroom, and Spinach Alfredo Lasagna

Picture of Chicken, Mushroom and Spinach Alfredo Lasagna Recipe


If the thunderstorm of the century doesn’t come, (hoping it doesn’t) I will make my lasagna tonight an tell you all about it.  If it does, I will probably be having beans and rice which is pretty good too.


Storm is just starting now at 9:30 PM so I had plenty of time to make dinner.  This recipe is so delicious.  Kind of time consuming but worthwhile.  Next time I think I will substitute ground turkey for the chicken and throw some feta cheese or goat cheese in between the layers.  Give it a little bit of a greek feel.

Its bad for you but Buy It

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12 Days of Christmas Plate

Carnival Glass 12th Day of Christmas Plate

The Imperial Glass Company which made this plate went out of business in 1983 two years after this plate was made.  This is the last in a series of 12 plates depicting the 12 days of christmas.  Each plate was made in a different color carnival glass and released over 11 years from 1970 until 1981.  The red color seen on this plate must have been difficult to produce.  They attempted to make the first plate released in 1970 red but it was so bad they only produced a few.

Some facts about carnival glass:

Carnival Glass was made by spraying the glass with a metallic spray.

Carnival Glass is called so because it was used as prizes in carnival games.

Carnival Glass first was made in 1907 by Fenton.

Some interesting facts about the 12 days of Christmas:

Apparently, it was first a French folk song about food.  The verses included rabbits, mutton, veal, beef, and plates of salad.  This makes much more sense to me.

It may have been written to help children remember the principles of Catholicism.

Apparently, in Scotland, on the 10th day of Christmas was an Arabian Baboon, but I don’t know if I believe that.  I learned it from wikipedia.

Get it!

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Love You Live

The Rolling Stones Love You Live LP

I’m a sometimes Rolling Stones fan.  I can honestly say that I love Beggar’s Banquet.  Factory Girl and No Expectations are some of my favorite songs.  I listen to them constantly.  But some of their music is kind of old.  I don’t like Sympathy for the Devil.  I think its kind of boring.  They also did not age well.  Stones albums from the 80s and 90s are just not good.  They are also a band that I enjoy a hundred times more if I can see them.

Yes? I think so.

Love You Live has some great songs on it like Little Red Rooster.  Although, I would say not their best versions by far. It also has live versions of the more popular Stones songs Brown Sugar,  It’s Only Rock and Roll, You Can’t Always Get What You Want, and many more (it’s a double album.)

Also another plus, this is some great album art by the great Andy Warhol.  It would look awesome framed and hanging on your wall.

Get It

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Soooooo finally got around to starting my blog.  This is mostly a blog about my etsy store ItsBadForYouButBuyIt.  Check it out here http://www.etsy.com/shop/ItsBadForYouButBuyIt I sell mostly vintage things that I like, but I am working on jewellery all the time and will eventually get some of my jewellery online as well.  I will also be posting about crafts I am working on and sometimes music I enjoy.

Also I think I should mention I got my blog and store name from the song Its Bad for You But Buy It by the sixties rock band Ace of Cups.  They are great and not nearly as well known as they should be.  Here you can hear some samples of their songs: http://www.theaceofcups.com/acesite3.html

And check out this video because its amazing:

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